Commerial Vehicles 

Food & Animal Feed

As the world population increases, food demand has been surging from year to year. Every day, thousands of food transporters distribute all kinds of food. When it comes to transporting food, two main food safety controls must be in place; protecting food from contamination and temperature control.

Petroleum & Gas

In general, the petroleum industry is divided into three sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream.
The downstream activities include petroleum refineries, petroleum product transportation and distribution such as liquified petroleum gas (LPG), petrol, jet fuel, diesel, lubricant and asphalt. Besides the movement of petroleum products, petroleum transportation also involves the movement of heavy project machineries and parts.

Palm Oil

In the 2018/2019 statistic of world vegetable oil production, palm oil volume is at the highest number - an estimated 73.5 million metric tons. Indonesia and Malaysia are the largest producers of palm oil. In order to retain the quality of the palm oil, timing and temperature in mill processes and transportation is crucial to keep the oil quality at its best level.

Mineral & Construction Material

The construction industry is one of the key economic indicators for many developing countries. The daily supply of sand, stone, brick and cement to construction sites could be challenging if deliveries are not efficient and reliable. Having a commercial vehicle with the right features will save enormous handling and idling time when loading and unloading as well as securing goods for on-the-road.

Enclosed Cargo

The emergence of e-commerce has shifted the expectation of the goods delivery service business. More and more goods are preferred to be delivered right to the customer's hands in mint condition. Enclosed cargo transportation has been growing to meet the increasing numbers of online shopping.

Automotive & Machinery

The automotive industry has been a key part of Malaysia's economy. The competitive market has influenced the car carrier semi-trailer to become easy to maintain, simple to operate and provide optimum space to fit most car types and models.

Shipping Container

Shipping containers are the most commonly used assets to transport ingredients, raw materials, parts and unfinished goods. Around 60% of world ocean trade routes use shipping containers. When container vessels are docked, port operations and shipping container hauliers work closely to ensure unloading and loading are taking place within the required time.

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