Mineral & Construction Material

The construction industry is one of the key economic indicators for many developing countries. The daily supply of sand, stone, brick and cement to construction sites could be challenging if deliveries are not efficient and reliable. Having a commercial vehicle with the right features will save enormous handling and idling time when loading and unloading as well as securing goods for on-the-road.

Front End Tipping Trailer.png

Front End Tipping Trailer

With robust chassis structure and optimum bucket volume.

Dual Tipping Trailer.png

Dual Tipping Trailer

With the advantage of both side tipper and rear tipper to suit unloading location, two discharges with single trip.

Platform Pole Trailer.png

Platform Pole Trailer

Simple structured trailer that handles bulky goods such as steel coil, concrete piles, pipes and tubes.

Dry Bulk Tanker.png

Industrial Dry Bulk Tanker

Equipped with a compressor system to discharge tank powder such as cement and ceramic.

Side Tipping Trailer.png

Side Tipping Trailer

For stock pile unloading with short tipping stroke resulting in shorter discharge time.

Timber Jinker Trailer.png

Timber Jinker Trailer

Moves tree logs to wood mills. Chassis is suitable for on-road and off-road.

Cargo Trailer.png

Cargo Trailer

Simple structured trailer that handles palletised industrial goods and standard sized goods.

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