As the urban cities getting more populated, waste management planning is crucial to keep the cities hygiene and safe. Waste service truck is important to help us to repose to daily sewage issues and natural disaster; such as flash flood.

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Rear Load Household / Industrial Refuse Compactor

Designed with robust structure to deal with tough day-to-day operations.


Municipal Carrier

Municipal carrier are used to mobilize people for routine work or emergency purpose.


Rear Load Landfill Refuse Compactor

Landfill refuse compactor designed to suit transfer station system, mainly for loading process and compaction process.


Industrial Vacuum Tanker

Designed for heavy duty industry application for pneumatically suck high viscosity liquid and hazardous liquid. 


Water Tanker

Built with stainless steel body and fittings to avoid contamination of material with supplied water.


Pothole Patcher Truck

It's features the function of cleaning, cutting, storage of debris, spray coating and deliver the mix to the pothole for compact.


High Pressure Water Jetter

Useful for clearing blocked sewerlines and drains. Also used for routine maintenance, protective layering and washing of sewer systems.


Sewage Vacuum Tanker

Designed to pneumatically suck liquids, sludges, slurries from underground into the tank and transport for discharge at sewage treatment plants.

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