Petroleum & Gas

In general, the petroleum industry is divided into three sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream.

The downstream activities include petroleum refineries, petroleum product transportation and distribution such as liquified petroleum gas (LPG), petrol, jet fuel, diesel, lubricant and asphalt. Besides the movement of petroleum products, petroleum transportation also involves the movement of heavy project machineries and parts.

Petroleum Tanker.png

Petroleum Tanker

Built with aluminium and premium quality parts through stringent testing that complies to industry standards.

Lubricant Tanker.png

Lubricant Tanker

With options of tank material and parts for lubricants with high viscosity and boiling point.

Gas Cylinder Trailer.png

Gas Cylinder Trailer

Household gas cylinder trailer built with minimum ground clearance to optimum carried volume.

Diesel Tanker.png

Diesel Tanker

Transports diesel fuel with higher flash point without compromising on safety, quality and performance.

Bitumen Tanker.png

Bitumen Tanker

Includes tank body insulation and discharge burner to smoothen the discharge process.

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